Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of Flying Scot Edinburgh and Lowcostairportparking for the provision of car parking services.

Customers are requested to read carefully the terms and conditions set out below and to follow the procedures recommended in those terms and conditions.

Conditions of Storage

Flying Scot Edinburgh and Lowcostairportparking does not cover loose items or any mechanical/electrical failure. The Proprietors of any of the car parks cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred to property left in the vehicles howsoever caused. Claims cannot be considered once the vehicle has left the premises of the car park. Please check your car before leaving.


If there are no spaces available at the car park chosen in the Booking Form, we will contact you by e-mail, telephone or letter within 48 hours to offer you an alternative car park or to inform you of "no availability" so you can make alternative arrangements.


Prices are specified on the website at the time you make the booking. If your required number of days is over the specified period you will be charged the daily rate for the number of days over the specified period. Any special offers available will be posted on the website for the car park concerned. Delays on your return will be charged at a reduced rate of £10 per day.

There is a surcharge for large vehicles and trailers - please call direct for an accurate price - 0131-333-3445.

Cancellations and Amendments to dates

Cancellations - 7 days or less to your departure will be charged in full. Amendments to original booking dates prior to departure will be subject to a £10.00 admin fee. All cancellations must be made in writing to the company by letter only(not by email).


The price for the services includes VAT at the current UK rate.


Payment accepted on arrival at the car park, we accept cash, cheque or any of the major credit cards. Payment can also be made in advance by using the online booking form (optional) or by postal booking form. The online booking form only accepts credit/debit card payments. Postal booking forms are available on request by phoning the appropriate car park. Cheques require 7 days to clear so must be sent with sufficient time to clear otherwise you may not have a reserved parking space.

Online Booking Form

Upon receipt of the booking form you will receive a confirmation by e-mail including your booking number, the number of days parking and the costs. This confirmation indicates a parking space has been reserved for you. You must include a valid e-mail address. Failure to turn up on the day of your booking will mean you will be charged in full with no refund. The company have the right to use the space for other customer vehicles. Information you send on the booking form will be treated within the guidelines set out in the privacy statement.

The Company's Liabilities

The company, its servants and agents will accept liability in respect of the death of or personal injury sustained by the customer and others in the car park, only where the same is proved and to the extent that is proved to be caused by negligence, wilful default or breach of statutory duty of the company, its servants or agents.

The company, its servants or agents will have no liability of these terms and conditions in respect of; (a) any loss or damage to goods or property of whatsoever description which has been left in the customer's vehicle, irrespective of the cause of that loss or damage, and in particular, and without prejudice to the foregoing generality, whether or not that loss or damage has been caused by negligence, wilful default or breach of statutory duty of the company, its servants or agents or the dishonesty of its servants or agents; (b) whilst the vehicles are parked under our supervision, the company does not accept liability for alleged damage to Tyres/Springs/Suspension, Mirrors/Glass/Windscreens, electrical faults such as Battery/Key failures etc. or general wear and tear of the vehicle both mechanically and externally. Vehicles should be parked at the company's car parks with a valid Tax Disc/ and MOT certificate as the car parks are r egulated by the DVLA.

The customer expressly acknowledges that the provisions of this condition satisfy the requirements of reasonableness specified in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and that he, she or they (as the case may be) shall be banned from claiming the contrary at any future date in the event of any future date in the event of any dispute with the company concerning liability hereunder.

All vehicles are inspected on arrival at the car park by a member of Lowcost/Flying Scot Edinburgh staff. Any customer not present at the inspection of their own vehicle agrees to the report submitted by the member of Lowcost/Flying Scot Edinburgh staff and therefore cannot claim at a later date for any damage on this report. Insurance cover can be arranged, if prior notification is given for a joint external inspection cost (£5.00) and please allow extra (30mins) for the checkin to be done in time before departure. Otherwise your car would be parked under your own insurance and at your own risk.

The company do not accept unauthorised car hire whatsoever. Any car hire will require to be formally authorised by the management of Flying Scot Edinburgh Limited/Low Cost.

The car parks reserve the right to refuse entries from third party online providers, if the car park deems it to be detrimental to the business operations. A full refund will be available from third party providers and no further compensation would be considered or payable at any future date.


Every vehicle in the car park is subject to lien for all charges due or accruing due from the Customer to the Company, and a general lien for all and any monies due from the Customer to the Company, such liens to be in existence whenever the Vehicle is in the car park, notwithstanding that it may from time to time have been removed from the car park. If the said lien is not satisfied by payment within 28 days given by the Company of its intention to sell the Vehicle in default of payment the Company may sell the Vehicle by auction or otherwise and the proceeds of the sale may be applied in the expense of the same and in connection with such sale the Company shall be entitled to charge reasonable garage charges in respect of the period during which the Vehicle is in possession of the Company. Any balance or purchase price remaining after satisfaction of such sums shall be held by the Company on behalf of the registered owner of the Vehicle.

Notice of intention as aforesaid shall be given to the Customer by the sending of a written notice by pre paid post address to the customer at the address given by the customer such notice shall be deemed to have been served upon the expiration of 48 hours after posting.


The Company reserves the right to move the Vehicle within the car park or elsewhere by driving or otherwise to such an extent on the Company, its servants or agents may in discretion think necessary to avoid obstruction or for the efficient arrangement of the car parking facilities.


The clients agree to share transport to and from the airport.

Release of Vehicles

The company reserves the right to refuse to release any vehicle except on the production of the parking receipt until it has made such enquiries as it considers reasonable. Failure to produce this receipt will therefore delay departure from the car park.

If customers request other persons to collect their vehicles for them they must provide written consent before leaving their vehicle. The person collecting the vehicle must have a copy of this written consent otherwise the Company can refuse to release the vehicle to them. Full Terms and Conditions are available on request.


Can be made in writing or emailed to our Customer Relations Department - A reply will be sent out within 14 days of receiving the complaint. Or you can call the office for full details on 0131-333-3445.

If you require any clarification on the complaints proceedure please call us on 0131-333-3445. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions or policies regarding the use of the website, any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be posted on this page.

Privacy Policy

The way in which we handle your personal information is set out in the privacy statement.